99.5% clean air while sleeping enables your patient’s airways to rest and recuperate.

Proven effective

Airsonett’s TLA technology (Temperature-controlled Laminar Airflow) has undergone rigorous clinical trials for several years. The results show that Airsonett Air4 reduces exacerbations1, improves asthma and eczema control1, 2, 3, 4, improves quality of life2, 3 and is free from medical side effects2. You can read more about the research carried out on TLA. See clinical documentation below.


Clinical documentation


Free from pharmacological side effects

Airsonett’s technology TLA is an interaction-free and non-invasive treatment with 99.5% clean air. TLA has no known pharmacological side effects.


Airsonett Air4 is cost-effective

Since Airsonett® Air4 is used in the home, the need for medical appointments or planned hospital visits is less than for many other treatments. There are a number of calculations on healthcare costs with TLA as a starting point. You can find the latest study here.


Patented technology

Airsonett Air4 uses the patented TLA technology (temperature-controlled laminar airflow) to direct a soft flow of filtered, clean, lightly cooled air toward the breathing zone. The filtered, clean air is slightly cooled before it is released from the unit, so that it sinks gently due to gravity and pushes away the particle- and allergen-rich air from the breathing zone.

This is how Airsonett Air4 works

TLA – Temperature-controlled Laminar Airflow

Airsonett Air4 is based on the technology TLA (temperature-controlled laminar airflow). The air from the room is sucked into the machine and passes through a filter that traps allergens and other particles. The clean, filtered air is cooled to slightly below room temperature and flows laminary, at low speed, from the air shower. The slightly cooled air creates a breathing zone that is 99.5% free of allergens and particles larger than 0.5 μm.

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What is the difference between an Airsonett Air4 and an air purifier?

Airsonett’s patented TLA technology has a clinically proven effect on asthmatics and patients with other allergy-related diseases, thanks to the drastic reduction of allergenic particles in the breathing zone. Air purifiers try to clean the whole room, and have therefore not been able to show clinical effect. In clinical trials, Airsonett has been shown to clean the air in the breathing zone up to 100 times better than air purifiers*.

* Referens: Spilak M, et al. A comparison between temperature controlled laminar airflow device and a room-air cleaner in reducing exposure to particles while asleep. PLoS ONE 2016;11(11): e0166882.

Clinical data


Help your patients to a better quality of life. Who is the Airsonett Air4 suitable for?

Effective against uncontrolled allergic asthma

Airsonett Air4 is intended for patients with uncontrolled allergic asthma, who, despite using asthma medication, have problems. Treatment with TLA has been shown to provide the best results for patients with the following clinical profile: Severe (ACT ≤18) atopic asthma despite high treatment intensity (GINA 4). Sensitivity to ≥ 1 persistent indoor airborne allergen (eg dust mites, pets or fungal spores) to which they are likely to be exposed, demonstrated by a positive spot test (diameter ≥ 3 mm) or blood analysis consistent with anamnesis.

How can Airsonett Air4 be effective even against eczema when the clean air only reaches the breathing zone / face?

Allergy-related diseases, not least atopic eczema, can also be triggered by airborne allergens and irritating particles. By minimizing the exposure to these triggers, the patient can recover, which together with other treatment enables more effective healing. Other allergy-related diseases, such as hay fever and eczema, can also be triggered by airborne allergens and other irritating particles. Minimizing airborne irritations in the respiratory zone can therefore alleviate the symptoms of these diseases as well.

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How can I prescribe Airsonett Air4?

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”…we have demonstrated that nocturnal control of aeroallergen exposure…can improve quality of life and reduce airway inflammation in adults and children with atopic asthma, without significant adverse effects.”

Clinical Evidence