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Our Mission

We help people with allergic diseases to improve their health-related quality of life. We do this by developing and marketing our unique Temperature Laminar Airflow (TLA) technology, a non-invasive and effective treatment of allergic asthma and eczema – without medical side effects.

About Airsonett

Airsonett® is a Swedish medical device company that leads the way in the development of non-pharmacologic treatment of allergic severe asthma and eczema.

Airsonett® Air4 is a non-invasive device for treatment in the home, based on the patented Temperature-controlled Laminar Airflow technology (TLA). Treatment with the Airsonett Air4 significantly reduces allergens and other airborne irritants from the patient’s breathing zone during rest and sleep.

Airsonett Air4 is a CE marked class 1 medical device that meets the requirements according to MDR 2017/745, intended to be used for the alleviation of symptoms of allergy-induced diseases such as allergic asthma and eczema. It adheres to relevant EU directives regarding design, function, safety and health requirements and has undergone rigorous clinical research as well as health-economic studies. Airsonett Air4 holds a 510(k) cleared class II approval from FDA.

The company’s main shareholders are SEB Venture Capital, Industrifonden, Magnus Lundberg and Fåhraeus Startup and Growth.

Airsonett Quality Policy

At Airsonett, we earn customer loyalty by developing, manufacture, market, and service TLA devices, of the highest quality and user value. Work on the quality and safety is a shared responsibility of all employees and it is the main driver for continuous improvements within Airsonett. Each of the company’s employees understand their responsibilities in providing high quality products to our customers and ultimately to the patient. To achieve this result, we will:

  • Ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Ensure our products meet or exceed their expectations
  • Maintain and continually improve effectiveness of our QM and business system
  • Continually monitor and improve customer’s total experience
  • Establish quality requirements for suppliers and partners to ensure compliance

At Airsonett we define quality as customer perceived value. Customers use products and services every day thereby gaining experience. They make their purchase on perceived value, measuring benefits to costs, and selecting the product and service that according to their experience provides superior value.

Want to know more about Airsonett?

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