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On this page you’ll find everything you need to get started with your Airsonett Air4. From instructions to maintenance and support.

Instructions For Use

Please consult the Airsonett Air4 Instructions For Use. The document contains important information on use, safety, maintenance and troubleshooting. If you have lost the Instructions For Use document, please contact us to get a new copy.


Demo on how to assemble the Air4.

Change settings

Demo on how to change settings such as clock and timer.

Change the filter

Demo on how to change the filter.


Demo on how to disassemble the Air4.


All repairs should be carried out by an Airsonett authorized service provider.

Please use the following checklist for troubleshooting to make sure these issues are addressed before contacting your local service provider or Airsonett.

  • Is the power cord properly connected to the wall socket and to the main input socket of the Air4?
  • Is the power supply to the wall socket working properly?
  • Is the main power switch (located next to the power cord) switched on?
  • Does the display show anything?
  • Is the Start/Stop button activated?
  • Is there a failure mode screen shown in the display?

Service & Care

Air4 helps improve your quality of life by creating an allergen and particle free breathing zone at home in your bedroom. Here is how to take care of your Air4 to ensure it works optimally to alleviate your symptoms.

Cleaning and maintenance

  • The outside plastic surfaces can be wiped off with a soft lint-free cloth lightly moistened with water as part of normal household cleaning.
  • Be careful not to expose the filter to fluids and/or to any physical damage.
  • Check at least weekly that the Air4 air supply nozzle is undamaged.

Filter change

To maintain the intended effect of the Air4 it is very important that the filter is changed every 6th month. Your Air4 will indicate when it is time to change filters. If the filter is not changed when indicated, the Air4 will stop after a while and cannot be started until a new filter is installed. The remaining time before the filter must be changed is shown in the Filter Screen.

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