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We believe that everyone should have the right to live their life to the fullest. Airsonett TLA treatment has changed the lives of many that suffer from Allergic asthma and eczema. Here you can meet a few of them.


Alma is an 18-year-old girl with allergic asthma and atopic eczema since she was a child. Throughout her upbringing, she has had significant problems with her illness and received ongoing medical treatment, which also caused problems with side effects. Since receiving TLA treatment with Airsonett Air4, she has had much better control and feels free from her disease.


Kamilla talks about how the treatment with Airsonett Air4 changed her life and helped with her severe allergic asthma and eczema. In pollen season, she sometimes struggled to walk the short distance from the car park to the office. After receiving TLA treatment, she regularly runs, even during spring.


Meet Anya, a veterinarian who loves working with animals every day. Thanks to the TLA treatment, she can continue with her dream job despite her allergic asthma. The treatment helps her sleep better and keeps her asthma under control so that she can work and live her life the way she wants.


Alexander Nyberg from Växjö, Sweden, previously suffered severely from his allergic asthma, also leading to eczema and constant itching. Alexander now receives treatment with the Airsonett TLA, and the difference in his everyday life quality is significant.

Interested in TLA?

Airsonett TLA treatment is prescribed through the public healthcare in Sweden and is becoming available in more countries in the EU. Please contact us to know more.