Specialized home treatment for severe allergic asthma and eczema

Airsonett Air4 is a specialized medical equipment, with a, unique patented technology. Airsonett Air4 effectively treats allergic asthma and eczema by creating a zone of air that is 99.5% clean of particles down to 0.5 μm, around your face during the night when you sleep. This gives your body and immune system optimal conditions to rest and recover during the night so that you have the strength to withstand the challenges faced during the day.


Airsonett Air4 is effective

Clinical studies show that Airsonett Air4 reduces asthma attacks1, improves the control of asthma and eczema1, 2, 3, 4 improves quality of life 2, 3 and is free from medical side effects2.


TLA creates a 99.5% clean breathing zone

Airsonett Air4 uses the unique and patented technology Temperature-controlled Laminar Airflow (TLA) to control a flow of lightly cooled, filtered clean air towards the breathing zone. The filtered air sinks with the help of gravity and pushes away the particle- and allergen-rich air from the breathing zone. In this way, at least 99.5% of all particles larger than 0.5 μm are blocked from reaching your breathing zone when you sleep.

This is how Airsonett Air4 works

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Easy installation

It is easy to install Airsonett Air4 in your home. Our team helps you with telephone support and checks that the machine is correctly mounted for optimal effect.

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Adjustable and flexible

Airsonett Air4 is designed to fit next to your bed, without disturbing your home environment. The neck can be easily extended to fit different types of beds, including bunk beds.

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Effective filter

The filter on the Airsonett Air4 cleans effectively. It needs to be changed every six months. It is easy to change, and new filters are automatically delivered to your home.

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Energy-efficient and silent

Airsonett Air4 has low energy consumption, equivalent to a 60W light bulb. When the machine is on, you can only hear a faint background sound. The vast majority of users do not find the sound disturbing. Some users even find it soothing.

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Bedside table

Airsonett Air4 is equipped with a practical bedside table. It can be easily mounted on and off and can be placed on both sides of the machine.

100 times more efficient than air purifiers

Air purifiers try to clean the whole room. The TLA technology in Airsonett Air4 focuses on purifying the air in your breathing zone while you sleep, and also lowering the total particle exposure in the room.

Airsonett Air4 is the only solution that eliminates 99.5% of allergens, dust, bacteria, pollen, pet particles, viruses and other airborne particles. In clinical trials, TLA has proven to be one hundred times more effective compared to air purifiers.

Reference: Spilak M, et al. A comparison between temperature controlled laminar airflow device and a room-air cleaner in reducing exposure to particles while asleep. PLoS ONE 2016;11(11): e0166882.



119-139 cm

Base length

54 cm

Base width

34 cm
Energy consumption
60 W
Sound level
≤ 38 dB (A)
23 kg
1 year limited warranty
Filter Change
Every 6th month.

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How to get treatment with Airsonett Air4

Treatment with Airsonett Air4 is normally prescribed through healthcare, by a paediatrician, allergist, pulmonologist or dermatologist. The treatment is usually prescribed to those who suffer from uncontrolled allergic asthma or severe atopic eczema. Airsonett Air4 is suitable for both children and adults. Contact your healthcare center for a referral to a specialist. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Rent or buy privately
We recommend that you always examine your possibilities through the healthcare as it is important that you are diagnosed and receive correct treatment. It is also possible to rent or buy Airsonett Air4 directly through us. Please contact us for more details.

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