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Can i stop to take my prescribed medication when I start using Airsonett Air4?

Is Airsonett Air4 safe during pregnancy, breast-feeding and for small children?

Several placebo-controlled double-blind studies show a clinical effect.
Patients typically describe their most common improvements as:
> Easier to breathe with less coughing and wheezing in their chest
> Better sleep, less tired and weary
> Fewer symptoms from other allergic diseases such as nasal congestion
> Better concentration and less frustration
> Less fear of asthma attacks

How fast does the treatment with Airsonett Air4 work for allergic asthma?

The treatment is prescribed by a paediatrician, allergist, lung doctor or dermatologist. If you have questions about how it works in your region, feel free to contact us at Airsonett, and we will help.

If you have been diagnosed with a condition and prescribed medication, always consult your doctor before changing or reducing your medication. Clinical evidence has focused on Airsonett Air4 in combination with regular pharmaceutical treatments. This means you should use your Air4 every night in combination with prescribed medication. At any uncertainty, contact your doctor.

What kind of favourable treatment results has been seen for atopic eczema, using Airsonett Air4?

Yes. The treatment does not interact with any other medications.

Is TLA treatment safe?

Yes. Airsonett Air4 is registered as medical equipment of proven quality and does not produce any medical side effects. The safety and efficacy of TLA treatment, as add-on therapy, have been evaluated in more than a thousand patients in both healthcare and clinical studies.

How is Airsonett Air4 prescribed?

Airsonett Air4 does not supply any substances that can affect the pregnancy, breast-feeding or small children. The clinical evidence using Airsonett Air4 was not focused on women who were pregnant, breast-feeding or small children.

Are there any medical side effects with Airsonett Air4?


What’s the difference between Airsonett Air4 and an air purifier?

Airsonett Air4 focuses on cleaning the breathing zone from irritating particles and allergens while an air purifier tries to clean the entire room. Technical studies comparing the technologies show up to 100 times less exposure of particles using the unique, patented TLA technology.


In general, the treatment is suitable for patients with uncontrolled allergic asthma where the allergy is driven by indoor allergens caused by mites and pets – and aggravated by other allergens, such as pollen.

Does Airsonett Air4 show a clinically proven effect for atopic eczema?

Open studies show effect, and there is an ongoing large placebo-controlled double-blind study in England that is studying the effect of the method scientifically.

Moderate to severe eczema patients, where the disease is driven by allergy to indoor allergens, seem to be the group that responds best to treatment with Airsonett Air4.

Typical improvements include:
> Reduced areas of eczema
> Reduced redness and intensity
> Better sleep and an improved general condition
> Less itching

How do I use Airsonett Air4

Is the Airsonett Air4 noisy? Will it interrupt my sleep?

Does the Airsonett Air4 purify the air in the entire room as well?

Do I need to sleep in the same position throughout the night or does the Airsonett Air4 work even if I move around when I sleep?

Airsonett Air4 creates a distinct clean zone that covers the breathing zone in terms of width and volume. The clean zone does cover sideways movements therefore you do not need to sleep in the exact same position.

Do I need to be treated with Airsonett Air4 every night?

More coherent time under Airsonett Air4 means better and faster effect. However, missing one day a week or a few days a month does not seem to decrease the effect significantly.

Is Airsonett Air4 difficult to install and use?

No. Airsonett Air4 is easy to install and use in your home. The filter should be changed every sixth months, which you can easily do yourself. New filters are automatically delivered in time for changing.

How Airsonett Air4 functions

How does TLA treatment work?

The 99.5% particle-free air in the breathing zone during sleep significantly reduces the exposure to allergens. This has been shown to reduce inflammation of the airways and skin, therefore relieving symptoms over time.

Airsonett Air4 has a very low sound level of 38 dB(A) which is the sound level of most computers.

Airsonett Air4 focuses on purifying the air in the breathing zone. The purifying effect in the entire room will be similar to a standard room air purifier with equivalent airflow rate and filter quality. However, the purifying effect will be approximately a 100 fold better within the breathing zone compared to the entire room.

How long does it take for the Airsonett Air4 to work from when I turn it on?

Airsonett Air4 will have full effect within 5 minutes after it is turned on.

How much electricity does the Airsonett Air4 consume?

The average consumption is equivalent to a 60W lightbulb.

Can I sleep with my window open, or use a fan if my room is hot?

Please see the instructions for use, how to avoid any air movements in the room that could disturb the function of Airsonett Air4.

Will I feel a cold draught of air around my head?

Almost no users have reported a draught from using the Airsonett Air4, but if you experience draught you can turn down the cooling. (Please see the instructions for use)

Can I move Airsonett Air4 when I clean my room?

Airsonett Air4 should stand in the same place above your bed. If you move it or move the bed, make sure it is placed over the pillow. Read more about how to position it in the operating instructions.


How often does the filter need to be changed on the Airsonett Air4? Is it difficult to change it?

The filter needs changing every six months . If the filter is not changed, Airsonett Air4 will stop working after 7 months. The procedure to change filters is simple and only takes a few minutes (see Instructions For Use).

Airsonett Air4 does not start / has a strange noise / warning light goes on / etc

Troubleshooting is described in the Instructions For Use.

How do I clean my Airsonett Air4?

The cleaning instructions are described in the Instructions For Use.