Our job is not done until people can live their lives without suffering from the symptoms of allergic diseases.

Our Mission

Airsonett is committed to changing the lives of people living with allergic diseases and allergen sufferers through knowledge, dialog and devotion. By listening and learning we develop and deliver state-of-the-art treatment technology to improve health-related quality of life.

Our Company

Airsonett is a Swedish medical device company which leads the way in the development of non-pharmaceutical treatment of allergic asthma and eczema. We do this by providing Air4, a safe and effective home treatment device that improve health-related quality of life. We started as a company specialised in industrial clean room technology. In recent years Airsonett has expanded internationally and now has operations in Scandinavia, UK and the rest of the world through a channel partner network. With strong owners, including SEB Venture Capital, Industrifonden and Magnus Lundberg, Airsonett is positioned for future expansion and growth.

Our Product

Airsonett has an impressive patent portfolio and has invested heavily in clinical research and product development. Air4 creates a sleep zone that protects you from the exposure to allergens and particles that occur at night and we believe that everyone deserves to breathe perfectly clean air while they sleep. Air4 was initially created for people with severe atopic asthma who, in spite of taking asthma medication, still has poorly controlled asthma. Air4 is recommended by healthcare professionals as an effective at-home treatment for allergic asthma and other allergy induced diseases such as rhinitis and eczema. Using Air4 has no pharmacological side effects and is suitable for both adults and children.     News & Press releases
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