Our job is not done until people can live their lives without suffering from the symptoms of allergic diseases.

Our Mission

Airsonett is committed to changing the lives of people living with allergic diseases and allergen sufferers through knowledge, dialog and devotion. By listening and learning we develop and deliver state-of-the-art treatment technology to improve health-related quality of life.

About Airsonett

Airsonett® is a Swedish medical device company that leads the way in the development of non-pharmacologic treatment of allergic severe asthma and eczema.

Airsonett® Air4 is a non-invasive device for treatment in the home, based on the patented Temperature-controlled Laminar Airflow technology (TLA). Treatment with the Airsonett® Air4 significantly reduces allergens and other airborne irritants from the patient’s breathing zone during rest and sleep.

Airsonett® Air4 is a CE marked class 1 medical device intended to be used for the alleviation of symptoms of allergy-induced diseases such as allergic asthma and eczema. It adheres to relevant EU directives regarding design, function, safety and health requirements and has undergone rigorous clinical research as well as health-economic studies. Airsonett® Air4 holds a 510(k) cleared class II approval from FDA.

The company’s main shareholders are SEB Venture Capital, Industrifonden and Magnus Lundberg.     News & Press releases
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