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Airsonett recently signed agreement with distributor in Germany

26 april, 2018

“Germany is one of our key markets so we are pleased to have signed a distribution agreement with the medical device company OxyCare GmbH. The company is dedicated to promote and launch Airsonett AIR4 on the German market. OxyCare will not only market AIR4 but also handling all logistics,installations and training for the German market. We are very pleased that we now have a partner that can introduce the AIR4 in Germany and help more people benefit from this treatment.” says Jonas Båghammar, VP Business Development at Airsonett AB.

Airsonett AB is a medical device company with a unique technology developed to treat patients with severe allergic asthma or eczema. The company is active in Europe, the US and recently signed a major co-operation agreement with a Chinese distributor. The company’s product Airsonett AIR4 is a clinically validated, non-pharmaceutical treatment, which reduces allergens and other airborne irritants from the patient’s breathing zone during the nightly sleep.