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Airsonett AIR4 maintains good control of severe allergic asthma after withdrawal of omalizumab

11 juli, 2018

An independent study by Professor C. Wang concludes in the title of the study “A nocturnal temperature controlled laminar flow device (TLA) maintains good control of severe allergic asthma(SAA) after withdrawal of Omalizumab therapy”. The study will be published in a poster session at ERS on Asthma Management session on Sunday 16 September 2018.

“We are naturally very positive to these interesting data and look forward to feedback from the health care sector” says Anders Due-Boje, CEO at Airsonett AB.

Airsonett AB is a medical device company with a unique technology developed to treat patients with severe asthma. The company is active in Europe, the US and recently signed a major co-operation agreement with a Chinese distributor. The company’s product Airsonett AIR4 is a clinically validated, non-pharmaceutical treatment of asthma, which reduces allergens and other airborne irritants from the patient’s breathing zone during the nightly sleep.