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Airsonett AIR4 can generate significant cost savings while still maintaining asthma-related quality of life according to an independent expert review

22 februari, 2017

An independent expert review authored by John O Warner, Professor of Paediatrics, Imperial College London, was today published on-line in Therapeutic Advances in Respiratory Disease. The review concludes that temperature-controlled laminar airflow (TLA) treatment
(Airsonett AIR4) improves asthma-related quality of life, reduces airway inflammation and the
frequency of severe asthma exacerbations in patients with severe allergic asthma. As these patients might otherwise be considered for treatment with expensive biologicals, Prof Warner suggest that employment of Airsonett AIR4 in this patient population could generate significant cost savings while still maintaining quality of life.

Prof Warner has an extensive knowledge of paediatric allergic diseases and a vast experience of
using the Airsonett device both in a clinical and research setting. He was a key member of the
scientific advisory board designing and over-seeing the conduct of the pivotal 12-month trial and he also lead the scientific team that conducted the health economic analysis recently published.
In addition to the comprehensive review of the scientific evidence supporting the efficacy of Airsonett AIR4, Prof Warner also highlights that patients and families are welcoming recommendations on relevant allergen avoidance strategies and that ‘families were very keen to be enrolled’ in the Airsonett study he conducted.

─ As a non-invasive, home based, drug free treatment, Airsonett AIR4 is an attractive therapy
for allergic asthma patients. We welcome this independent expert review by Professor John O
Warner reinforcing the value that we believe Airsonett AIR4 can bring to patients, their families
and the health care system, says Fredrik Werner, CEO, Airsonett AB.