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Information for our clients and patients with severe, uncontrolled allergic asthma in regards to the Corona virus

March 20, 2020

Airsonett have received queries about how we, as a company, work to minimise the spreading of the Corona virus and how we secure delivery of new Airsonett devices and filters to our clients and patients.

We daily monitor the guidelines and directives from the UK Authorities and try to plan and act in a responsible and calm manner. We urge our staff to work from home unless they are needed on site. To be extra careful with hygiene is a given.

From now on all our customer meetings will be per phone, Skype or similar communication channels.

Most of our patients are in the risk groups and therefore we will not make any installations in the home. Instead, the installations will be done by the patient/family with an installer assisting remotely via phone or Skype. We will delay any collections to avoid that our removers enter the patient’s home.

The new filters will be sent out by courier as per usual.

We have always prioritised to have high stock levels of devices, spare parts and filters and we are confident that Airsonett will be able to continue to provide TLA treatment for patients during this turbulent time.


TLA (Temperature-controlled Laminar Airflow)) treatment:

Airsonett Air4 is a treatment in the home, based on the unique Temperature controlled Laminar Airflow (TLA). Air4 is used as maintenance treatment for patients with severe allergic asthma. Treatment with Air4 eliminates 99.5% of allergens and other airborne particles from the patient’s breathing zone during rest and sleep.

Asthma often gets more severe when the patient has an airway infection and therefore the right treatment is important. Taking the Corona pandemic and the coming pollen season into consideration, it could be worthwhile to stabilise patients with severe allergic asthma and to optimise their maintenance treatment.

Christer Janson, Professor at Akademiska Hospital in Uppsala, Sweden, says ”During periods when the risk to get a virus infection is increased it is crucial that the asthma maintenance treatment is as well controlled as possible.”


If you have further queries, please contact us via e-mail info@airsonett.eu or 07787 123 556.


Best regards,

Anders Due-Boje
Director Airsonett UK Ltd